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Will The Artist’s Way Help Me Find My Way?

It is true I have been struggling to write for the last year. It is also true that spending time in the Pacific Northwest helped. But some things have come up in the world of SFF writing that have left me reeling, and I've been struggling--and failing--to keep my creative feet planted. Last year, Sam… Continue reading Will The Artist’s Way Help Me Find My Way?

Improving My Craft

When You Go Looking for Something…

This spring break, we decided to take a vacation here in the good old USofA. The Great American Family Vacation. Well, sort of. I had dreams of driving up through the national parks of the American Southwest. The kids had dreams of beaches and sunshine. So we compromised and went to the Pacific Northwest to… Continue reading When You Go Looking for Something…

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Writer’s Block is a Thing

I wasn't sure that writer's block was a thing until I experienced it for myself. It has been a tough year, from a writing perspective, but I'm crawling out of it. Slowly but surely. Through it all, I managed to finish the rough draft of a novel and write 45,000 words on another novel. The… Continue reading Writer’s Block is a Thing