Business of Writing


I have a funny relationship with rejection letters. I've gathered quite a few rejections over the last 12 months. Of course, in talking to some other writers on a writer's message board I visit, I know that my collection of letters is paltry. More experienced authors talk about getting hundreds in a single year. Still,… Continue reading Rejections

Writting Success

Writers of the Future Finalist

Sometimes, in a sea of rejections, it's hard to keep my head up. I've spent the last year focusing on short stories because I find that the abbreviated length helps to spend my learning process. Still, I've yet to make that first professional sale. Each quarter for the last year, I've entered one of my… Continue reading Writers of the Future Finalist

Improving My Craft

World Building, Outlining, and Fixing What’s Broken

I'm a new enough writer that the idea of "do what works for you" makes my eyes go blank and my jaw start to sag. I don't know what works for me. Does flying by the seat of my pants (a.k.a. pantsing) work best? How about outlining? What kind of outlining? How detailed is too… Continue reading World Building, Outlining, and Fixing What’s Broken