Improving My Craft, NaNoWriMo

October/November Wrap-Up

When last I posted, my 30 stories in 30 days project was proceeding well. October ended, and so did the project. All-in-all, it was a successful exercise. I did not produce the full 30 stories, but I did manage 24, which I think is pretty good. Will I revise and try to sell every single… Continue reading October/November Wrap-Up


It’s December. What Now?

I've spent the first week and a half of December twiddling my thumbs. I brainstormed a bit on a short story. Then I brainstormed a bit on this one novel I started in December of 2014, but struggled with. I'm still struggling with it. I just can't seem to make the stakes high enough. Then… Continue reading It’s December. What Now?