Improving My Craft

30 Stories in 30 Days: At the Halfway Mark

I’ve just wrapped up my 15th story, which means I’m halfway through my 30 stories in 30 days challenge. Some stories, I think, have real promise. Or at least they will once I clean them up. Others aren’t so great, but they have the seeds of something else. Still others are just plain awful.

Technically, this is day 16, but I’m willing to forgive myself for missing a day. I’ve got a sick kiddo and we’ve had a few sleepless nights. I think giving myself permission to be imperfect is important. Missing one day doesn’t mean I have to throw the whole project out. I can just pick back up and carry on.

Inspiration has been difficult, but I’ve been using story cubes, a friend’s Storymatic cards, and a variety of prompts. Writing when I’m not inspired has been terribly difficult, but also wonderfully instructive. Sitting around, waiting for the muse to strike doesn’t get the job done, and for me, it is important to approach writing like it is my job. Some days will be easier than others, and that’s just reality.

I’m on the downhill side of things now. I’ve tried a variety of different styles, genres, and techniques. I’ve even uncovered ideas for longer pieces of short fiction.

Just 15 stories to go, and I will have met my goal!

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