Improving My Craft

30 Stories in 30 Days

I've been in a writing slump lately, and I've been struggling to kick my brain into gear.¬†Writing is easy when you're inspired, but learning to write when you're not inspired can be one of the most important lessons to learn as an Early Career Writer. With that in mind, I've decided to follow some advice… Continue reading 30 Stories in 30 Days

Improving My Craft

Talking about What I Write

I don't know why I find it so difficult to talk to others about what I write. Whenever the opportunity arises, the instinct to shift the subject off myself and back to the other person is nearly impossible to shake, even when it's clear that the other person genuinely wants to know more. There's an… Continue reading Talking about What I Write

Improving My Craft

World Building, Outlining, and Fixing What’s Broken

I'm a new enough writer that the idea of "do what works for you" makes my eyes go blank and my jaw start to sag. I don't know what works for me. Does flying by the seat of my pants (a.k.a. pantsing) work best? How about outlining? What kind of outlining? How detailed is too… Continue reading World Building, Outlining, and Fixing What’s Broken